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MikroTik: Zentrales WiFi-Management mit CAPsMAN

Ham Radio WiFi CAPsMAN
Einführung Folgend wird beschrieben, wie man mit CAPsMAN beliebig viele Wireless Access Points verwaltet und dynamisch provisioniert. Zielsetzung ist die folgende: Zentrale Verwaltung aller APs im Haus (zunächst 3 APs, weitere sollen jederzeit ohne Aufwand hinzugefügt werden können) 2 SSIDs, je eine SSID für 2,4 GHz und eine für 5 GHz Jeder AP soll die gleiche Konfiguration erhalten Umgebung soll beliebig erweiterbar sein, z.B. weitere SSID mit eigenem VLAN Vorbedingungen MikroTik RouterBoard mit installiertem “wireless” Package, z. Read more...

MikroTik: Ausführen von Skripten per SMS

Einführung Dieser Blogeintrag beschäftigt sich mit dem Ausführen von Skripten per SMS-Kommandos. In diesem Beispiel soll als Aktion eine SMS zurückgesendet werden, welche die aktuelle öffentliche IP-Adresse enthält. Vorbedingungen MikroTik RouterBoard mit USB-Port, z.B. ein MikroTik hEX USB UMTS-Stick, z.B. ein Standard Huawei Stick aus verschiedenen Prepaid-Angeboten Los geht’s Zuerst schauen wir nach, ob der Router den USB-Stick erkannt hat: [admin@hEX] /system resource usb> print # DEVICE VENDOR NAME SPEED 0 1-0 Linux 3. Read more...

Dynamic DNS for NSD

DNS OpenBSD Linux Software
Introduction nsd-dyndns is a simple script that adds dynamic DNS dunctionality to NSD (authoritative DNS name server). Requirements The following is required or suggested: OpenBSD (or another BSD or some Linux distro) with HTTPD and NSD installed (pkg_add nsd), configured and running (sub-)domain for your webserver. Needed for updating the NS record of your actual DynDNS domain. In this example: update.example.com (sub-)domain that is updated dynamically. In this example: dyn. Read more...

Correlation Rule Documentation Generator for McAfee SIEM

Software SIEM Python
Since we are required to document all custom correlation rules inside our SIEM (McAfee Enterprise Security Manager) for our customers, I wrote a Python script that converts XML rule exports to Markdown. Afterwards its easy to convert teh resulting file e.g. to PDF, DOCX, HTML or even variuous wiki-formats with e.g. Pandoc. This way it’s possible to generate a PDF documentation of all rules with just a few clicks/commands. On the long shot that this is useful for you, you can find the script on git. Read more...

Patch for the CLI password manager „pass“

Software CLI
I use Pass (https://www.passwordstore.org/) to store and synchronize all my passwords. When I use Pass via SSH on a remote system in order to retrieve a password, I cannot make use of it’s clipboard feature. In order to output the password without actually displaying it, I wrote the following patch which prints the password in red on a red background while still being able to be manually copied to the clipboard: Read more...

Heated Trackball

Hardware Trackball
Parts needed Heating wire (0,2mm 43,95 Ohm/m Kanthal D) some regular wire glue soldering equipment Since the USB port should ghive us 500mAh and the trackball shouldn’t consume more than 150mAh, the wire might consume 350mAh. Knowing the voltage of 5V and the desired power consumption, it is easy to calculate the needed resistor: The heating wire has a resistance of 43,95 Ohm per meter, the wire needs to be 33cm long in order to consume 350mAh: Icalculation of the wire length /pics/length. Read more...

NSE-Script: SQLite output for Nmap

Software Nmap
I wrote this little NSE script that allows you to store the output of Nmap into a SQLite database: https://git.qrz.is/clemens/nmap-sqlite-output This might come in handy when performing large inventory scans. The SQLite database can be queried and sorted easily or exported as a CSV file. This way you can, for example, easily generate tables for your assessment report. Example $ nmap -sS -A -F --script sqlite-output scanme.nmap.org [...] $ sqlite3 scan. Read more...

One-button audiobook player features in new book

Hardware Raspberry Pi
The One-button audiobook player has been included in the new book Raspberry Pi For Dummies by Sean McManus and Mike Cook. The book covers setting up the Raspberry Pi, using Linux on it, using the Pi for work and play, programming the Raspberry Pi in Scratch and Python, and creating electronics projects. Co-author Sean McManus told me: “We wanted to finish the book by highlighting some inspiring projects that would give people an idea of what they could do by taking their new programming and electronics skills further. Read more...

Little Helper

Hardware DIY
Here’s the result of my attempt to recreate Gyro Gearloose’s Little Helper (in German: Daniel Düsentrieb’s Helferlein): It’s built out of: aluminium tubes brass sticks wooden shoes and gloves lots of two-component adhesive a 12V 40W bulb with E27 thread some wire a AC/DC converter 12V 3A


Software Basic C64
I’d like to share my very first software project from 1992 with you which was written in BASIC 2.0 on my C64. It has never really been finished but had a nice intro screen with moving sprites and was able to print labels on a wire printer 🙂 In order to archive it for myself, I’ve set up a git repository where the source code is available: https://git.qrz.is/clemens/adressenmeister Here’s a little screen-cap of it: Read more...
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