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Building the Hardrock-50

Ham Radio Hardware
The Hardrock-50 is a very nice 50W short wave amplifier that comes as a kit. The package includes everything needed for building the amp. There were some optional modules available (QSK Mezzanine add-on board and an automatic ATU) which I decided not to order since I am very happy with my ATU-100. The Hardrock-50 includes an interface to some rigs including my FT-817 which allows automatic band selection. For this purpose, an additional but easily buildable Sub-D to Mini DIN cable is needed. Read more...

Gemini / Amberterm

Gemini Hugo
For the relaunch of my personal website, I first used the brilliant theme smol. After having customized numerous files of the theme, I have now decided to create my own Hugo theme called “Amberterm” (git.qrz.is). This is largely based on “smol”, but contains some cosmetic adjustments as well as all layout files in order to be able to generate Gemini files with the help of Hugo. In this way it is now possible for me - without any additional effort - to publish a new post for the WWW version of my website as well as for the Gemini version. Read more...

Solar Powered Amateur Radio Station

Ham Radio Solar
I have always been fascinated by the infrastructural independence of ham radio stations. You can use them to communicate with people around the world without being dependent on the infrastructure of large companies - apart from the power supply. In order to free myself from this dependency, i have now decided to test the use of a photovoltaic system. For this I have acquired the following: 30W solar panel 100W solar panel Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controller 22Ah AGM battery The solar panels are mounted on a flat roof at a 30 degree angle facing south and connected to the MPPT charge controller in the shack via a 2. Read more...


Software Python Ham Radio
I’m in the progress of developing a Python command line application to log QSOs directly into the QRZ.com logbook. It does the following: asks the user for a call sign displays available call sign info pulled from QRZ.com displays all previous QSOs with this call (pulled from QRZ.com logbook) asks the user to enter QSO specific data (date, time, report, band etc.) uploads the QSO to QRZ.com’s logbook fetches the just uploaded QSO from QRZ. Read more...

DX Century Club Award

Ham Radio
I finally managed to work 100 confirmed entities (SSB/Phone) and have now received the ARRL DXCC Phone award. My new adventures will be working QRP with my recently purchased FT-817ND and building a small PA for the times I need a small boost.

uBitx VFO Knob Mod

Ham Radio Mods 3D Printing
uBitx v6 modifications, Part III: 3D printed knobs (I like VFO knobs with a finger recess) and chassis tilt bails.

uBitx S-Meter Mod

Ham Radio Mods uBitx
uBitx v6 modifications, Part II: Since the AGC board has a S-Meter tap, the next mod was obvious :) The S-Meter of a dead Yaesu FT-290R was a perfect fit for the uBitx case and I think it looks nice.

uBitx AGC Mod

Ham Radio Mods uBitx
uBitx v6 modifications, Part I: The uBitx is a very nice radio but the missing AGC is an ear killer. I decided to purchase an AGC board from kit-projects and soldered it onto the radio main board. It’s tiny and I was afraid to damage something but it turned out fine.

Xiegu G1M Stand

Ham Radio Hardware Xiegu Mods
A $0 Xiegu G1M stand:

uBitx v6

Ham Radio uBitx
Yesterday I received and built my new uBitx v6 QRP transceiver. Connected to a LiPo battery and the 4-BTV vertical it gave me a few QSOs with Bosnia, Denmark, Poland and Austria. Very impressed so far! The first mod will be the addition of an AGC.
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